BS CRM Software

BS CRM Software

What Is BS CRM Software ?

Every business needs a central place where organizations can store customers’ prospect data and track customer interactions that everyone in the organizations can use. When it comes to managing the relationship with customers, then CRM systems come into the picture.

BS CRM software offers a free hand to businesses to manage and build customer relationships, streamline processes that allow them to grow their sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

Why BS CRM Software ?

BS CRM helps businesses to:

  1. A perfect data centralization
  2. Identifying sales opportunities
  3. Managing marketing campaigns
  4. Easy to manage customer relationships
  5. Increase productivity
  6. Records service delays/issues
  7. Efficient to manage the entire sales and marketing funnel.
  8. More transparency

Furthermore, If you choose BS CRM, then you will be in financial benefit as it offers an automated and regulated business process. That will reduce your operational costs by decreasing the day-to-day operations of your employees. With BS CRM, you can prioritize your customers, which converts more customer satisfaction and builds trust. Last but not the least, if you manage customers, employees, and your sales perfectly, then your business will grow automatically.

List Of Features Offered By BS CRM.

The BS CRP Software offers a free-hand to all companies to add, update, and track their leads, follow-ups, and all clients’ details. It has 3 main features.

Inquiry Report.
Machine wise inquiry register, summary, and quotation register report.
Rate difference report.
Sales order time, order register, and order summary report.
Country and state-wise machine report.
Quotation and its follow-up detail Report.

BS CRM Software Features


Web – based applications will relatively easy to maintain and reduce business costs. With zero installations, quick & easy updates, this web – based application will always keep you up – to date.


All sales managers of the company & senior authorities can use this feature.

Lead entry

You can manage new leads here. Add all detailed information, and schedule it for follow-up, re-assign.


You can check inquiries. Schedule it for the next follow-ups.


This allows you to generate quotations and shows the status of already generated quotations.

Approve quotation

It shows all your approved quotations from the client side with all the detailed information of the client.

Domestic proforma

Companies can add, manage, and print the proforma invoices for their internal purchase approval process.

Export proforma

You can export all the managed Proforma invoices.

Approved proforma

This feature shows the list of proforma invoices that are yet left for approval from the client-side.

Sales order

You can add and manage all your domestic to international sales with detailed information

Sales invoice

Keep track of sales and allow you to generate/print the invoice.


This allows you to keep all sales dispatch records up-to-date.

Payment received

This shows the list of payments received from the client-side.

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