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    Let us walk you through some of the key technologies of the Microsoft Stack that is crucial for developers as well as businesses to learn about. The .NET framework is a software development framework to create both form-based and web-based applications.

    input devices

    The input devices are used for supplying program and data to the memory. In other words, the computer system reads the program and the data from the input devices.

    Output devices

    A piece of equipment/hardware which gives out the result of the entered input, once it is processed converts data from machine language to a human-understandable language.

    A Microsoft technology stack is a set of software products, tools, libraries, frameworks, servers, UI/UX solutions, software, and programming languages that programmers and developers employ to create a web or mobile application. We can refer to the technology stack as a solution stack or simply as a tech stack.

    First, the project is chosen, and then the technology stack is chosen project. And this is a critical step before developing any software .There are several other powerful technologies too by Microsoft. them stay up-to-date with the application development demands of the modern businesses.

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