Smart CA Docs

Smart CA Docs

    Project Description

    What Is Smart CA Docs ?

    Work smartly just like your smart profession with Smart CA Docs software. The Smart CA Docs that helps all Chartered accountants to manage their Taxation & GST files, plus important documents of their customers at one and only Smart CA Docs.

    Why Smart CA Docs ?

    Smart CA docs allow you to manage all documents (like GST forms, Aadhar card, Driving license, Income tax return, Pan card or Passport, etc.) of your client digitally with the access of edit, upload, view, & download the client’s documents. The professional CA can allocate the rights to review the document/file to the user

    Benefits from smart CA Docs

    Easy To Manage Clients.

    Trouble-free Client documents management.

    Efficient features to bulk upload of clients’ documents.

    Systematic data storage & management of Tax return & GST files of all clients.

    Energy-saving, secure, & accessible software.

    Smart CA Docs Features

    Web- Based Application

    Web – based applications will relatively easy to maintain and reduce business costs. With zero installations, quick & easy updates, this web – based application will always keep you up – to date.

    All Documents At One Place

    Old or new, all clients’ files & documents can be manageable with the Smart CA Docs.

    Advanced Data With Security With SSL

    Making your data secure is our duty. We use SSL to secure the software & all user data.

    Easy Access From Anywhere

    You are not in the office? Or out of town? Or on an international holiday? Smart CA Docs help you smartly by allowing you to access the software anywhere & anytime.

    Easy And Fast Searching

    100 entries, or 1000 or 1,00,000 or more… No worries Smart CA Docs help you to search for a specific client’s details with the search option.

    Client Import Facility

    Now clients can also find themselves a departmental hero by having easy import facilities of their file/documents.

    Rights Management for The Clients

    Once CA/employee put all the information of the client in Smart CA Docs software, they can also manage or allocate the permission to log in to the software to upload their details, review the file & able to download it.

    Easy & Simple Administration

    No complex features. Admin can review all data from the dashboard. Admin can also edit, update, download & allocate users’ rights with simple steps following.

    Support for All Devices Such As Tablet, Mobile, Desktop

    Smart CA Docs is a device-friendly software that allows users to use the web-based application from any devices.

    Auto SMS And E-mail Configuration

    If you update something and forget then no worries. Smart CA Docs will send you notifications via SMS & emails.

    Client Login Management

    Admin can add a new user and allocate that user rights to review files & upload documents with their easy login facilities.

    Documents Auto Upload Utility

    The amazing feature that reduces the efforts of all admin to upload the number of documents and save it. Smart CA Docs has built this feature to make this hard work process smooth.

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